About 10 hours of dedication every week recording, editing and publishing videos!

Besides all the social media work and maintenance needed for our infra-structure to allow us make available the capoeira art from Sao Paulo, exclusively for you to enjoy anywhere, and anytime.

It's about PEOPLE,not about money

It’s an extensive work that unfortunately translates into financial expenses and that’s the reason we ask you in exchange to support our work through our subscription plans.

Your donation is crucial for us to ensure we keep the minimum requirements for maintenance of our audiovisual historical archive, giving visibility to capoeiras and Mestres, and helping highlight important and relevant aspects of the history of a our people and their Mestres.

Although we need your financial support, a good portion of the material we produce is open and free on Facebook “Capoeira Praça da República SP“, on YouTube “CapoeiraViva.net” and in our Open Archive as a way to show you our commitment to a responsible source of knowledge and that we are not here for the money.

EntertainmentWith Responsibility

Several hours of Capoeira games, events and interviews recorded and published for about 5 years!

Everything you watch on YouTube is capitalized ($$) by Youtube shareholders through advertisement with not a penny returned to Capoeira development! There is no closed cycle that returns the earned capital to those Capoeiras in Sao Paulo and the CapoeiraViva.net wants to become an alternative that closes this cycle and brings the capital back to those capoeiras and Mestres that dedicate their lives for Capoeira in Sao Paulo! We want your financial support to be reinvested in capoeira to then create a nice sustainable cycle of exchange between you and the the people that makes the history of capoeira in Sao Paulo alive.

We invite you to experience our platform and ask you to please share your opinion about our content so we can make it better, developing our initiative to make the whole chain stronger.

Thank you for reading this message until here! =)

CapoeiraViva.net Team