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The CapoeiraViva.net has finished its campaign to contribute with Mestre Cavaco’s house! Unfortunately we haven’t achieved our desired objective, however we have given all your contribution to Mestre which is very happy.

If you would like to support Mestre Cavaco’s house, please contact Barracão do Mestre Cavaco”, on Facebook/Instagram or through whatsapp +55 11 999055013.


A little about Mestre Cavaco

Mestre Cavaco is the foundation of Capoeira in São Paulo, among others, responsible for the consolidation of Capoeira Angola in the city and also for the return and maintenance of the famous Roda da República for many years!

He arrived in São Paulo in 1973 and began his training with Mestre Zé Boneco, at the “Ilha de Marajó” group, near his residence, in “Taboão da Serra”. He has always walked through Capoeira rodas around São Paulo, with a special taste for the street rodas, making him knowledgeable of pretty much all imagined styles of this art. In 1978 he began to train with Mestre Miguel Machado, founder of the Captive Group, becoming his first counter-master in 1994.

Meanwhile, after the prohibition of the roda at the Republic Square for 3 years, Mestre Cavaco and his students conquer the reopening of the roda in 1991 with the respect and command of the late Mestre Ananias, one of its most important founders.

Mestre Cavaco e Gugu playing at the roda at Republic Square – by Gabriel Borba

In 1995, he founded together with his students the Negaça Capoeira Angola Group. This year, in addition to the 23 years of Grupo Negaça, we are celebrating the 70 years of Mestre Cavaco, of which 45 were dedicated to Capoeira.

Mestre Cavaco – by Gabriel Borba

Because of all the Master’s story and his friendships, wherever he made a roda, there was always good people, Capoeira or not. The rodas of the Negaça Group in the space of Mestre Cavaco’s factory were not different, being an important meeting place of Capoeiras from everywhere. Having already exhibited its berimbaus on Sundays at the Republic Square in the beginning of the 90’s, Mestre Cavaco is chosen by Mestre Tomás and assumes the direction of the factory of musical instruments, “O Berimbau”.

Created in the middle of the 70’s, it was the only one to make berimbaus in São Paulo for a long time, among other musical instruments. Having inherited the legacy of Mestre Tomas in 2000, Mestre Cavaco renames the factory with his current name: Mestre Cavaco’s Factory of the “Barracão”. With almost 30 years of experience in the field of musical instruments, the factory has been improving the quality of a line of several percussion instruments, all hand made.

Mestre Cavaco’s House

The Mestre Cavaco’s house features weekly Capoeira Angola classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and with the traditional monthly capoeira roda that takes place every first Saturday of the month. In addition, the handcraft factory operates every day during business hours.

Having taught Capoeira in more than 10 spaces during these 45 years, today the headquarters of the factory and the house are located in Vila Guilherme. Such a space represents not only the whole history and life of Master Cavaco, but also the resistance and tradition of Capoeira and all those people directly or indirectly involved with this art.